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We assist founders with technology and human intelligence to enable precision recruiting.

We are passionate about tech startups. Their ambitions to innovate and disrupt industries, improve the world and create massive value – are inspiring. We want to be a part of their success by assisting them with a key ingredient – people.

Young tech startups who have successfully raised an investment have one main goal: grow. However, software developers and engineers, the lifeblood of tech startups’ growth, are a scarce resource. Attracting them via job boards and personal networks is usually not enough – active headhunting is required.

At young startups, the task of recruiting often falls on founders and other key personnel. And here they face a trilemma: do it themselves, hire an in-house recruiter or outsource. The first option is doable, but it requires significant legwork: sourcing via different platforms, crafting personalized messages and communicating with candidates – all of these are time consuming and often tedious repetitive tasks. Second option – hiring an in-house recruiter – is premature; and outsourcing to a recruitment agency is too expensive (and frankly, many recruitment agencies suck).

jobRely offers an alternative. We assist founders with technology and human intelligence to enable precision recruiting – sourcing of the most relevant candidates and engaging them with thoughtful and personalized messages. We are not just a tool or a recruitment agency. We are a cost effective mix of both. With our algorithms and human engagement recruitment costs can be a fraction of an in-house recruiter or an outside agency while ownership of the recruitment process remains firmly in the founder’s hands. Check out how it works.

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