About Us

We are a tech start-up working on making the hiring process smarter, faster and more efficient.

We are excited about the world where both applicants and hiring organizations can interact seamlessly and directly - the way they are already used to in the digital / mobile world.

We believe that automating the tedious tasks will allow to concentrate on what is important - elevating the level of human interactions. We bet on ever growing availability of data that will enrich each hiring process, make it more transparent and create more value for both sides.

We introduce Artificial Intelligence powered recruiting automation solutions for the three key areas of the hiring lifecycle: finding potential candidates, attracting and pre-screening them (engaging passive candidates & selecting active applicants).

The unique solution automates the tedious tasks so that you could save 80% of your time per job opening & focus on more profound candidates assessments.
Artificial Intelligence solves these problems:
- Eliminates conversation restraints & enables to reach unlimited amount of candidates
- Eliminates tedious & time-consuming tasks, therefore, zero time to be spent for approaching, pre-screening, arranging & re-scheduling interviews
- Solves missing info problem with constantly update candidate data