Benefits: Why automate the talent acquisition?

With the help of machine learning technology and Artificial Intelligence, our Online Hire Assistant software communicates with candidates via native LinkedIn messaging platform:

  • Presents position and benefits
  • Verifies qualification (education, courses, skills and publications)
  • Does background checks
  • Answers basic questions about position
  • Interacts with referrals and provides additional information (coming soon)
  • Gathers additional information from candidate
  • Schedules in person/online appointments with candidates based on availability


Our unique solution automates the tedious tasks so you can focus on the quality interactions:

  • Save up to 50% of recruiters time per position
  • Enhance amount of potential candidates by several times
  • Increase the quality of information about the candidate
  • Standardize the information about the candidates and reduce the need for resumes
  • Increase the engagement with each potential candidate
  • Decrease the barrier of applying for candidates
Improve the hiring process
Increase the amount of potential candidates
Save up to 80% of time spent per position

How does it all work?

We believe in making things simpler, integrating with tools that you already use and enhancing your interactions.

  • Sign in to online tool, connect LinkedIn account and Calendar
  • Upload the long list of candidates or select candidates in Google Chrome Extension assign them to hiring project
  • Our software seamlessly interacts with long list of candidates using LinkedIn chat and parameters you set
  • Database of candidates is updated real time indicating the status of each candidate
  • You are notified if certain interactions need human touch