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Candidate market report
Based on your answers to 4 questions, we will prepare a candidate market report. It’s not just a product of an algorithm, but we will spend a few hours going through the potential candidates on LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow and other platforms according to your criteria. If you like what you get, let’s talk more.
Candidate sourcing
Doing sourcing is not as easy as running a boolean search on LinkedIn. Enter “Front end engineer in San Francisco” and you will get 46.000 people. How do you spot the most relevant ones who are likely to be interested in a career change? We use algorithms, our experience and your feedback to produce a curated list of up to a 100 candidates.
Candidate engagement
To approach candidates effectively you need a communication strategy. We work in partnership with you to find the right words about who you are, what you are looking for and why do you think a candidate could be interested. Then we execute: hundreds of emails, follow-ups and polite nudges. In our experience, from 100 candidates you should get about 10 interviews to pick your next star.
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