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Effortlessly reach out to hundreds of investors who previously invested into similar businesses like yours.

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Investor sourcing

We identify most relevant investors based on their investing stage, deal size and previous activity.

"There are more than 100k investors out there. You don't have time to reach out to all of them."

Silvia Montvil, Account Manager

Investor outreach

We draft your elevator pitch and hand over to our bots to deliver. It's individual conversations from then on.

"The first question from investors who respond to a campaign is about a pitch-deck. This is an essential prerequisite."

Matt Arint, Investment Assistant

Guaranteed chance to close

We deliver face time with investors who are interested in your story.

"Selectively reaching out to potential investors via LinkedIn is the quickest way to gauge your potential."

Indre Kaikare, Founder and CEO

"I used jobRely to reach out to hundreds of investors and I am thrilled to have raised $100k in short period of time which is a game-changer for me."

Eran Amir, Founder and CEO


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How it works

You give us a task.
It will only take 5 minutes.
We suggest the most suitable candidates.
We communicate and interest them.
We organize interviews with interested candidates.

Getting into meetings with investors

You often hear stories that it takes about 100 pitches to raise money in a pre-seed or seed round. How many does it actually take? And how to get so many meetings? Find out here.

Vytas Kaikaris
Founder and COO, jobRely
5 min read・Oct 27, 2020

Common Questions

Do you charge a commission from the amount raised?

No. We only charge a fixed fee on a per-project basis (see Pricing section for more details).

Do you have a network of investors that you introduce us to?

We are not here to introduce you to someone we know. We are here to expand your network by finding relevant investors and reaching out to them in your name.

How exactly do you help find investors?

It’s not magic, really — just hard work that we have done many times and have the right tools and processes in place for. First, we work with you to define your target investors; second, we source relevant investors on Crunchbase, LinkedIn, Signal and elsewhere; third, we reach out to them via LinkedIn and email with carefully crafted messages; when some of them respond, usually with a request to send a pitch deck, we converse until they express interest in jumping on a call. That’s where we pass the baton to you.

Are there any prerequisites?

A well-prepared pitch deck. Apart from that, it would help if you have a demo, video, customer testimonials, and/or traction.

Where do you source investors?

Crunchbase, AngelList, LinkedIn, Signal and elsewhere.

Does it matter if I am pre-revenue, post-revenue, seed or pre-seed?

Not really. We will source investors who are known to have invested in similar companies/industries/stages.

Investors don’t like the cold approach — they work on a referral basis only. I am skeptical that such a campaign will yield results.

Certainly, nobody likes a cold approach. But we take time to source relevant investors so that our messaging doesn’t feel like spam. If we undertake a project (see Prerequisites), we guarantee that we will get you on the phone with five active investors who have reviewed your pitch deck and would like to know more. If you are able to close them, that remains in your hands. 60% of our clients were able to find an investor with our help, and the remaining ones got valuable feedback (it’s never a plain NO with our leads).

What kind of investors can you help to connect with?

Angel investors and VC funds.

I can find an investor myself. Why do I need jobRely?

Sure, you can. You probably know some investors already; you might also jump on LinkedIn and reach out to a few people. However, if you want to do this systematically at scale, you will need to allocate quite a bit of time for sourcing, finding emails, writing messages, doing A/B testing, perhaps researching some new tools and learning how to use them. However, it’s a time-consuming job, and quite often founders simply don’t have the necessary horsepower. That’s where jobRely comes to help.

What is the difference between jobRely and an advisory/M&A firm?

JobRely doesn’t advise (well, maybe a little, but that’s free). Instead, we do a job that you could also do if you had the time — sourcing, reaching out, following up, etc. with a large number of contacts.

How long does the process usually take?

To arrange five calls with potential investors, we may need to reach out to 1,000. This may take anywhere from two to six weeks in our experience.

Do you guarantee an investment?

No. But you will get on the phone with five active investors who have previously invested in similar companies, reviewed your pitch deck and became interested to the point that they’ve agreed to have a call or a meeting. This may not seem like a lot, but that’s how a dozen investments were started for our clients.

What is the process?

1. Sign up and onboard on our platform.
2. Review potential investors as we source them.
3. Review draft messages after we prepare them.
4. Connect your LinkedIn and email accounts on our platform.
5. Watch how we execute a five-touch LinkedIn/email campaign and see new messages flood your inbox without you moving a finger.
6. Monitor how our account managers pick up on conversations where investors have responded.
7. Accept calendar invitations as we book  interviews for you.

How does the outreach campaign work?

We prepare draft outreach messages and ask you to review them. Once ready, we set up a five-touch LinkedIn and email campaign. We recommend that the communication sequence start with a LinkedIn Connect message. It is imperative that the client’s LinkedIn profile is perfect as this may impact the response rate. If the potential investor connects but doesn’t respond, a follow-up message will be sent on LinkedIn after 48 hours. If there is still no response, we will send another LinkedIn follow-up message after five business days.

If the investor didn’t connect via LinkedIn, he/she will be sent LinkedIn InMail, which reaches unconnected candidates both on their LInkedIn and email inboxes.

If he/she still doesn’t respond, we will turn to email and send an intro message with one follow-up.

Because this campaign is executed from the client’s LinkedIn/email account, all communication will be visible to the client on his/her LinkedIn/email as well as on the jobRely platform.

Is the process fully automated?

There are three parts in the process — sourcing, outreach and interview scheduling. Sourcing is mainly manual; outreach and following up on non-responders are automated, but once the potential investor responds, an account manager picks up the conversations and continues individually until the interview is arranged and the lead is passed to the client.

Are you going to connect to my LinkedIn account? Is that safe?

To increase the response rate, we highly recommend conducting all messaging from the client’s LinkedIn and email accounts. This way the investor will not even be aware that jobRely is in the picture. We take rigorous measures to protect your credentials, and our platform filters only messages that come from the contacts in the campaign. You will be able to approve the copy of the final messaging campaign before we start reaching out, and we will make sure that we don’t exceed LinkedIn’s daily activity limits. The connection is secured as our software is being run on a cloud, and browser fingerprinting is enabled. Yes, it’s safe. Not a single client has ever had a problem.

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