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"I have access to 30+ databases to extract potential clients and find their contact details or I can work with your database if you have one."

Goda Jakubk, Lead Gen Assistant

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"I don't take NO for an answer and enjoy my work most when those nay-sayers eventually say YES."

Matt Arint, Lead Gen Assistant

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"LinkedIn outreach is probably the most effective channel for B2B sales."

Indre Kaikare, Founder and CEO

"Before the launch of our new state-of-the-art telemedicine platform, we used jobRely to reach out to all doctors in Lithuania. We are busy working on more than a hundred leads created during the process."

Tomas Balzekas, CEO


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Best channel for B2B lead generation

The number one goal of a startup is traction. In this post, we dive into LinkedIn and email automation to generate leads. Learn what works and what doesn't.

Indre Kaikare
Founder and CEO, jobRely
5 min read・Oct 27, 2020

Common Questions

The cost of one lead generated using the jobRely method is rather high — about $100.
Therefore, it would not make much sense to spend this amount when selling a product or service that costs, say, $30 a month. However, if the sale value, or LTV, of the customer is in thousands, it might be a better approach than LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads or anything else.

Because of the reasons described above, we usually target companies, not consumers, because their purchase value is higher.

We source relevant contact persons at companies that you want to target and obtain their contact details (LinkedIn profile and email). We can do basic sourcing, which is usually one or a few queries on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or we can do advanced sourcing, which involves manually checking each company for criteria not available in standard filters (e.g. are they currently hiring? Do they have a CMO Did they launch any new products recently?).

How many contacts can be targeted in one campaign?

About 3,000. This is due to LinkedIn’s limit of roughly 100 messages per day. Since the campaigns typically last one month, the total number of contacts is limited to 3,000. But it’s the quality, not the quantity of contacts that matters (see above about Sourcing).

Where do you source potential clients?

LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Crunchbase and our own database.

We can do basic sourcing, which is usually one or a few queries on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or we can do advanced sourcing, which involves manually checking each company for criteria not available in standard filters (e.g. are they currently hiring? Do they have a CMO? Did they launch any new products recently?).

I can do lead generation myself. Why do I need jobRely?

Sure you can. But if you want to do this systematically at scale, you will need to allocate quite a bit of time for sourcing, finding emails, writing messages, monitoring follow-ups, perhaps researching some new tools and learning how to use them in order to keep everything organized. We believe that doing the technical work of sourcing and outreach is not the best use of time for in-house employees, and they can create more value concentrating on more value-adding tasks, such as closing hot leads.

What is the difference between jobRely and other B2B lead gen tools/services?

Contrary to other B2B lead gen tools, we guarantee results due to our sourcing quality, end-to-end service and proactive process management from our side.

Do you guarantee a sale?

No. But in 100% of projects that we undertake, 10 hot leads are sufficient to make a successful sale.

What is the process?

1. Sign up and onboard on our platform.
2. Review companies and contact persons as we source them.
3. Review draft messages after we prepare them.
4. Connect your LinkedIn and email accounts on our platform.
5. Watch as we execute a five-touch LinkedIn/email campaign and see new messages flood your inbox without you moving a finger.
6. Monitor how our account managers pick up on conversations where prospects have responded.
7. Accept calendar invitations as interviews are booked for you.

How does the outreach work?

We prepare draft outreach messages and ask you to review them. Once ready, we set up a five-touch LinkedIn and email campaign. We recommend that the communication sequence start with a LinkedIn Connect message. It is imperative that the client’s LinkedIn profile is perfect as this may impact the response rate. If the candidate connects but doesn’t respond, a follow-up message will be sent on LinkedIn after 48 hours. If there is still no response, we will send another follow-up message on LinkedIn after five business days.

If the candidate didn’t connect via LinkedIn, he/she will be sent LinkedIn InMail, which reaches unconnected candidates both on their LinkedIn and email inboxes.

If he/she still doesn’t respond, we will turn to email and send an intro message with one follow-up. We usually achieve a 30% response rate on our co-founder campaigns.Because this campaign is executed from the client’s LinkedIn/email account, all communication will be visible to the client on his/her LinkedIn/email as well as on jobRely platform.

Is the process fully automated?

There are three parts in the process — sourcing, outreach and interview scheduling. Sourcing is mainly manual; outreach and following up on non-responders are automated, but once the candidate responds, a recruitment assistant picks up the conversations and continues individually until the interview is arranged and the lead is passed to the client.

Are you going to connect to my LinkedIn account? Is that safe?

To increase the response rate, we highly recommend conducting all messaging from the hiring manager’s LinkedIn and email accounts. This way the candidate will not even be aware that jobRely is in the picture. We have rigorous measures to protect your credentials, and our platform filters only messages that come from the candidates in the project. You will be able to approve the copy of the final messaging campaign before we start reaching out, and we will make sure that we don’t exceed LinkedIn’s daily activity limits. The connection is secured as our software runs on a cloud, and browser fingerprinting is enabled. Yes, it’s safe. Not a single client has ever had a problem.

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