Get a candidate pipeline in days

Tell us who you need and show up for the interviews with them. We will take care of the rest.
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Handpicked candidates

Based on your requirements, our Talent Acquisition Specialists sift through thousands of profiles on LinkedIn to present you with the ones that fit best.

Our goal is that every candidate we reach out to finds our message relevant.

Outreach that converts

Once we have candidates to target, our Talent Acquisition Specialist will drive the process to set up outreach campaigns and engage candidates who respond (using the jobRely Recruitment SaaS)

What you get is a candidate pipeline and interviews booked straight into your calendar.

At a fraction of the cost

Traditional recruiters charge 15-20% of the gross annual salary for one hire. jobRely charges a fixed fee for a clear scope of work and allows to hire multiple candidates. How do we do it? With jobRely Recruitment SaaS automation and our SEAR™ process.

It is up to 5x better value than with traditional recruiters.

Hire without blowing your budget

Recruitment as a Service


/sourcing and outreach to 200 candidates

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  • LinkedIn outreach messaging automation
  • Scheduled follow-ups
  • Messaging templates
  • No LinkedIn credentials needed
  • Chrome extension for LinkedIn
  • jobRely Talent Pool
  • Interview tracking
  • Live metrics dashboard
  • Team collaboration
  • Candidate market research
  • Handpicked candidates
  • Outreach messaging drafts
  • Easy candidate review
  • Interview scheduling
  • Process transparency
  • Proven track record
  • Dedicated Talent Acquisition Specialist
Prefer to do it yourself?
Check out our Outbound recruitment SaaS solution

Outbound recruitment SaaS


/month /per LinkedIn account

How does it work

Tell us who you are looking for.
Review candidates, we source for you.
Add a personal touch to our messaging drafts.
Get interviews added to your calendar.
Hear from our clients
Antanas Bakšys, CEO
I got a 60% response rate from 44 profiles and found 4 strong candidates in just two weeks using jobRely automation platform. This is like a 30k saving on an executive search firm!
Julius Gregorauskas, Founder & CEO
I hired two Country Managers this year. I found one in Latvia with a recruitment agency and another one in Estonia through jobRely. It was 3 times quicker and 3 times cheaper with jobRely.
Tomas Mikelskas, CTO / CEO
jobRely arranged 11 interviews with Python developers and we hired 7 of them. Excellent value for €1,800.

Common Questions

What is jobRely’s Recruitment as a Service?
How does it work?
Is the process fully automated?
Where do you source talent?
How does the candidate outreach work?
I can find candidates on LinkedIn myself. Why do I need jobRely?
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