Automating technical tasks for HR management, especially talent acquisition, leads towards operational excellence

Processes we automate

  • Identifying interested candidates
  • Presenting a job opportunity
  • Collecting back the needed information
  • Scheduling in person and online interviews
  • Following up

Value we deliver:

  • Pre-screened and enriched candidate list for each position
  • Appointments automatically synced to your Outlook / Google calendars
  • Real time status reporting per each candidate
  • SaaS solution that can integrate with your current software
  • Ability to engage and interact with candidates 24/7 through LinkedIn

Benefits: Why automate the talent acquisition?

With the help of machine learning technology and Artificial Intelligence, our Online Hire Assistant software communicates with candidates via native LinkedIn messaging platform:

  • Presents position and benefits
  • Verifies qualification (education, courses, skills and publications)
  • Does background checks
  • Answers basic questions about position
  • Interacts with referrals and provides additional information (coming soon)
  • Gathers additional information from candidate
  • Schedules in person/online appointments with candidates based on availability

Our unique solution automates the tedious tasks so you can focus on the quality interactions:

  • Save up to 50% of recruiters time per position
  • Enhance amount of potential candidates by several times
  • Increase the quality of information about the candidate
  • Standardize the information about the candidates and reduce the need for resumes
  • Increase the engagement with each potential candidate
  • Decrease the barrier of applying for candidates

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Join other leading companies that are automating the talent acquisition

Improve the hiring process

Increase the amount of potential candidates

Save up to 50% of time spent per position

How does it all work?

We believe in making things simpler, integrating with tools that you already use and enhancing your interactions.

  • Sign in to online tool, connect LinkedIn account and Calendar
  • Upload the long list of candidates or select candidates in Google Chrome Extension assign them to hiring project
  • Our software seamlessly interacts with long list of candidates using LinkedIn chat and parameters you set
  • Database of candidates is updated real time indicating the status of each candidate
  • You are notified if certain interactions need human touch

About us

We are a young start-up working on making the hiring process smarter, faster and more efficient.

We are excited about the world where both applicants and hiring organizations can interact seamlessly and directly - the way they are already used to in the digital/ mobile world.

We believe that automating the tedious tasks will allow to concentrate on what is important - elevating the level of human interactions. We bet on ever growing availability of data that will enrich each hiring process, make it more transparent and create more value for both sides.

The online tools we are building are based on advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), mobile messaging, big data, data mining, chatbots, web and mobile technologies. They act as a layer integrating with the systems that are already in place using the universal protocols and methods.

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