Today’s inefficiencies in the HR field slow businesses down

Limited data to decide

  • Missing candidate information
  • CV & standard background checks
  • NO previous achievements
  • NO evaluation of specific skills
  • Too MANY assumptions on the skillset

Human factors involved

  • Interpretations of skills
  • Incomplete profiles that mislead and prevent informed decisions
  • Weak long term planning (cultural fit to a team, trainings needed and costs)

Talent Screening with our predictions based algorithm to “unhide” information

With the help of machine learning technology, our software crawls and collects data online about the backgrounds of current / potential employees:

  • Digital footprints based on online activities
  • Qualification verification (education, courses and publications)
  • Background checks (i.e., government records)

And, when this data, which is saved in our unique data model, is combined with systemized employment history data, we can:

  • Interpret & analyze collected data
  • Get insights about employee’s / an applicant’s profiles
  • Predict potential, motivation, engagement and growth

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Talent Mapping with our data model assistance

Within organization

Personnel Research: evaluation & development of current employees

In the market

Talent Market Research: search & select potential candidates

Match potential/current employees with a 360° ideal employee profile ?

Determine and track employee growth

Identify human capital ROI


of the Talent Report

  • Access to bits of data that was unintentionally hidden from you
  • Time saving candidate sourcing
  • Fast & credible insights about potential /current employees with a real time reporting on big data sets
  • Minimized replacement risk
  • Predictions for potential / current employees' potential, motivation, engagement, and growth
  • Measured return on investment of employee training
  • Assurance of employee development and consistent business growth

Who we are

JobRely began with the goal of unleashing the human potential of current employees. This idea as a Perpetual Mobile drives us through our journey in the HR tech world. Our mission is to help identify career potential in clients’ potential/current employees.

In 2013, we started with our referral platform. Since then, we have begun analyzing networks of our users to build candidate profiles and match them with open positions. As our amount of data about candidates grew, we created new technology that allows us to analyse data effectively and verify different hypotheses using the data gathered from an unlimited number of sources.

Regardless of whether it’s a CV, LinkedIn profile, comments made by friends, or a 360° survey conducted by an employer - we combine all data into one place to test hypotheses about future careers and cultural fits. Now, we want to make this product available to the HR industry.

We are a team of data scientists who care about practical Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications, computer engineers who have strong problem solving skills, and HR experts who are both practitioners with hands on experience in full-cycle talent management & academic (PhD) visionaries with theoretical knowledge.

We do this work for our kids and our society. This journey is fulfilling, and we love it! We believe that with the assistance of Next Generation Technologies and Big Data, everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their true human potential in the current work place.

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