Reach Out to More Candidates and Get Up to 3X Better Response Rate

Forget manual outreach and copy-pasting messages to each candidate. Instead, reach out to 100 candidates a day on autopilot. Enjoy multiple features designed to maximize the response rate.

Personalization at scale

Attracting top-tier talent is a competitive business. They are always being hunted, and the first message can either make or break the connection. That’s why it needs to be personalized and relevant. Every aspect of your message needs to be tailored to the individual candidate. You don't want to send a generic text that says "We're hiring! Want to join?"

Declension of names

Our AI-powered tool takes the guesswork out of addressing your candidates. You'll never have to worry about addressing someone incorrectly again with the use of modern technology.

Current cues

You know the drill: you get a message from a recruiter, and it's just not right. It's not even remotely relevant. Tailor your message by including the name of the company which the candidate works for.

No random marks or emojis

Worry no more! Our AI breaks through the emojis and helps you avoid unnecessary cringe. Outreach candidates by their true name.

Automatic follow-ups

We'll make sure your candidates receive personalized messages from your company, so they don't have any way of knowing whether it was sent by a human or by some robot (which is pretty cool). Don't let the candidates slip through your fingers. By using automated follow-ups, you can ensure they get the attention they deserve and don't go cold.

Flexible frequency

You get to choose the intervals between your messages, so you can be as spammy or not-spammy as you want.

Multiple follow-ups

Outreach is tricky. Crafting a perfect first message and getting nothing in return is painful. That’s why you need at least 2-3 follow-ups.

No limits in symbols

We don't want to limit your creativity, so we've made it easy for you to share links, job ads or pictures in your follow-up messages. Make it as detailed as you prefer.

Multiple LinkedIn accounts

Don't let your hiring managers get left out in the cold. It feels special to be recognized and approached by a C-level manager - the bigwig of a company - instead of a recruiter and that's exactly what you can offer to the candidates with this feature.

Take part

Either you are a senior manager, a head of department, or a junior recruiter - when it comes to hiring, we're all in this together. So why not put the whole team on the case? Let anyone contribute to the process in their own way.

Choose your new collegue

It's easy to become swamped by the massive volume of candidates and forget why you're doing it. But it can be fun to analyse the profiles with your fellow associates. Get anyone on board for evaluating.

Juggle between roles

You've got your hands full with finding a sales manager, but you also need to make sure the IT department gets a back-end developer soon. All at once not knowing fully what the hiring manager exactly is looking for. If only there were some way that you could manage all of this at once! With jobRely, you can create as many projects as you want and connect your team to bolster the effort.

Message templates

There is a reason why some people are better at writing catchy messages than others. It's not because they have a special gift, or have some magical words of wisdom. It's because they've put in the time and effort to learn what works and what doesn't. So if you're one of those people who has always struggled with writing enticing messages that will reel in top-notch talent, don't worry! We've got your back.

Save time

You're a good communicator -  you have a way with words that can reach out and grab people by their hearts. But when it comes to recruiting messages? Not so much. You're busy, and it feels like it takes forever to draft a good one. Rely on us and let us communicate with substance and speed.

Win high-quality candidates

The secret to a happy candidate is communication. But people are different and what draws the attention of a sales manager may not work for a software developer. This is a hard nut to crack, so that's why it's best to learn from practice.

Precision and clarity

Make candidates feel like they're a part of the team from day one. Provide us with all the information about the company and role - we'll make the message sound clear, precise, and detailed.

Pitching to interested candidates

When candidates respond, you’ll see their responses on jobRely, as well as your LinkedIn Inbox. If you don’t have the time to answer all yourself, jobRely chatbot can do that on your behalf.

Don't repeat yourself

Want to spend more time doing what you love and less time answering the same questions over and over? Let us help you with that.

100 % transparency

All of the messages are being synchronized from LinkedIn to jobRely platform - you can monitor the conversation and hop in whenever feel like it.

Don't miss any chances

jobRely will make sure that all of the questions are answered on time and not even one candidate slips through your fingers.

LinkedIn safety

At first, it might be a bit scary to pass on your personal LinkedIn account into someone else’s hands. But worry not! Your LinkedIn account is totally safe with jobRely, since we will not ask for your credentials or any other personal information.

Setting limits

Our tool will set the limits of how many LinkedIn invitations or messages are being sent per day. In this way, we prevent the possible triggering of LinkedIn.

Daily support

jobRely team will provide a full support to make sure your LinkedIn account is properly connected and the campaign runs smoothly.

Connect with an extension

Connect your account independently, by downloading jobRely extension from Google Chrome.

All-in-one platform for outbound recruitment

Don't have in-house recruiters? Go for Gold plan.

Sourcing, Outreach, and Interview scheduling managed from A to Z by jobRely AI.
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What customers say about us

"We hired 2 .NET Engineers during the free trial period. It definitely works!"
Gintare Zemaityte, Talent Partner @Nortal
"I got a 60% response rate from 44 profiles and found 4 strong candidates in just two weeks using jobRely automation platform. This is like a 30k saving on an executive search firm!"
Antanas Baksys, CEO @SearchNode
"With jobRely we successfully filled Mission Control Software Engineer position, and as a bonus, we hired Embedded Software Engineer from the same candidate pipeline too. jobRely definitely exceeded our expectations! Since we are the only such producer in the market, finding talents locally is a challenge."
Julija Narkyte, Talent Acquisition Partner @NanoAvionics


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