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Why work at jobRely?

Small team

We tackle big problems in a small team that is efficient and cozy.


We offer equity options to all our employees.

Team work

We work together in the office in sunny Lisbon.

Why join jobRely?

Every start-up wants to grow fast. You grow or you die, they say. At jobRely, we’ve taken a different stand. Sure, we want to build a world-class product that is amazing and successful, but we want to build it in a small team that is laser-focused. Sounds impossible? Think Instagram (at the time of the sale to Facebook), Craiglist, Sublime Text.

Who are we?

We are a tight-knit team of experienced professionals who like to work on meaningful problems and deliver value. Full stop. No bullshit, no drama, no kindergarten.

"There's never been a dull day ever since I joined jobRely. It feels like working towards a greater mission - every day is dynamic, I get to work with the greatest startups and help them in hiring the right people, growing personally, and professionally."
Neringa Zukaite, Account Manager @jobRely

What do we do?

We are building a product that helps tech companies hire new people. At this stage, we are building a powerful SaaS automation tool for sourcing and outreach - two key elements before you can actually interview a candidate.

Why do we do it?

Ask any founder for the top three challenges and “Hiring more talent” is likely to be on the list. Getting an employee will never be as easy as ordering a package from Amazon, but we have a solution that significantly speeds up the headhunting process.

"One of the most significant benefits while working at jobRely is that it allows me to go and experiment on different things, be it something included in daily duties or entirely out of it; and do some of the stuff that I like the most - getting to know other people, be it Founders or fellow Recruiters. Not to mention awesome workations and colleagues!"
Ernests Pupius, Talent Acquisition Specialist @jobRely

It's not just work

We meet regularly on workations for brainstorming, big launches, and lots of fun.

Workation: Tenerife in 2021
Workation: Lisbon in 2022

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