Forget Spreadsheets and Track All Your Work on jobRely

Tracking your candidate pipeline, follow-ups, and progress is often done in spreadsheets which tend to get messy. It’s all neatly organized on jobRely.

Reports and KPIs

Gain insights on the performance of your campaigns and track critical KPIs. Either you outreach 50 or 500 candidates, be aware of how the process develops, and how prosperous your campaign is by looking at all of its different phases.

Connection requests

Keep daily track of how many connection invitations have already been sent (as you may remember, we set limits to avoid LinkedIn bugs). See how many of the candidates already exist in your network - we'll adjust the message for them so you don't sound like a stranger!

Response rate

All those who replied will appear in a distinct section - it will be easier to observe the communication with the curious ones. You'll be able to see the response rate and assess how booming your campaign is. Perhaps switching to your colleague's account would help?

Indifferent ones

Not all of the candidates reply or accept the connection invite. It's inevitable - not everybody checks the notifications or reads the message. With jobRely, you can see those who are indifferent. And then, it’s for you to decide: either approach them instantly with an inMail or re-engage later.

Interview scheduling

Too busy? Outsource your work to jobRely and get interviews with interested candidates straight in your calendar.

Cut out the middlemen

jobRely works as an intermediary between you and your candidate. It acts as a link in scheduling interviews: both you and your candidate receive the invitation to a call straight to your inbox.

Invite your collegue

Share your calendar and our AI will book calls for you and - if needed - for your colleagues as well. It'll find the time that works for all parties so you can prepare for the interview with ease.

Don't miss it

You'll see all of the interviews scheduled on the jobRely platform. Find the exact candidate, read prior messages, check the date and time - don’t miss any chances!

Project Kanban

Track the progress of your pipeline visually by dragging-and-dropping the candidates on a Kanban board. Limit the work in progress and improve workflow by placing profiles in the relevant sections.

Intro call

Until the first call, all planned interviews will occur in the "Intro call" bloc. After that, feel free to move the candidates to the relevant column.


If the candidate is still in the selection process - completing an assigned homework, finishing a test, or waiting to be evaluated - put them into the “Task” column. You won't get lost in between different profiles.

Lost ones

All those, who were, unfortunately, not a match, will be placed in the "Lost" column.

Candidate assessments

Rate your candidates after having an intro call. Measure their answers, determine a cultural fit, reflect on their experience - anything that matters to you most and rank them using the stars accordingly. Make sure you select the ultimate match!

All-in-one platform for outbound recruitment

Don't have in-house recruiters? Go for Gold plan.

Sourcing, Outreach, and Interview scheduling managed from A to Z by jobRely AI.
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What customers say about us

"We hired 2 .NET Engineers during the free trial period. It definitely works!"
Gintare Zemaityte, Talent Partner @Nortal
"I got a 60% response rate from 44 profiles and found 4 strong candidates in just two weeks using jobRely automation platform. This is like a 30k saving on an executive search firm!"
Antanas Baksys, CEO @SearchNode
"With jobRely we successfully filled Mission Control Software Engineer position, and as a bonus, we hired Embedded Software Engineer from the same candidate pipeline too. jobRely definitely exceeded our expectations! Since we are the only such producer in the market, finding talents locally is a challenge."
Julija Narkyte, Talent Acquisition Partner @NanoAvionics


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