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Interview candidates that you like

We source and arrange interviews with candidates of your choice.

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"I used jobRely for the Account Executive role based in New York and I was very happy to make a hire from 9 qualified interviews in just two weeks. Great service!"

Dwayne Lyle, VP Sales

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Get on calls with interested prospects

We identify prospects and get them interested with A/B tested messages.

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"Before the launch of our new state-of-the-art telemedicine platform, we used jobRely to reach out to all doctors in Lithuania. We are busy working on more than a hundred leads created during the process."

Tomas Balzekas, CEO

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Pitch to investors who want you

We reach out to hundreds of investors with your pitch. Speak only to those who are interested.

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"I used jobRely to reach out to hundreds of investors and I am thrilled to have raised $100k in a short period of time which is a game-changer for me."

Eran Amir, CEO and Founder

"Hiring directly from a wide pool of candidates is so much more effective than choosing from random candidates presented by recruiters. So I've canceled all recruiters and will hire direct with jobRely now."

Tadas Jucikas, Founder and CEO


The most advanced LinkedIn and email
automation platform with on-demand services

How it works

You give us a task.
Tell us who you need.
We suggest the most suitable candidates.
We communicate and interest them.
We organize interviews with interested candidates.

A modern way to scale

Using LinkedIn and email automation to find employees, clients, and investors is probably the quickest and cheapest way to hire, sell, and raise. You can do it yourself or outsource to someone who can deliver results.

Indre Kaikare
Founder and CEO, jobRely
5 min read・Oct 27, 2020

Common Questions

What exactly does jobRely do?

jobRely helps to find employees, new clients and investors. Our solution consists of the jobRely automation platform and on-demand sourcing.

What is jobRely's process?
1. Our team sources the best candidates, prospects and investors according to your requirements. We use LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Zoominfo, Crunchbase, AngelList and other databases.

2. When you approve the contacts that we sourced, we launch an automated campaign via LinkedIn and email using jobRely automation platform. In order to maximize the response rate, we recommend connecting your LinkedIn and email accounts to jobRely platform.

3. When contacts respond to campaign messages, our team chats with responders on your behalf until the call is arranged on your calendar. You take it from there.

Our clients have used our solution to successfully find employees, new clients and investors in record time, at a fraction of the cost of other services.

Who are jobRely’s clients?

Our clients use technology to make their processes more efficient. Why waste time on monotonous tasks when you can have robots to do them for you?

When headhunting employees, clients and investors, there are two tasks which are time-consuming and repetitive: sourcing and outreach to a large number of contacts. jobRely automation platform enables outreach and our on-demand services solve the headache of sourcing.

We’ve worked in fintech, SaaS, biotech, cybersecurity and digital tech industries and have found that our approach is industry-agnostic. GoStork, nClouds, nuID, Genius AI, Lumity, Grabango and many others have successfully used our services to find employees, new clients and investors.

Do I need LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Crunchbase Pro or any other paid database access/SaaS tools to work with jobRely?

No. You only need to have a well-prepared LinkedIn account and email inbox. We take care of the rest.

Are you going to connect to my LinkedIn account? Is that safe?

Yes. To increase the response rate, we highly recommend conducting all messaging from the client’s LinkedIn and email accounts. This way the candidate, prospect or potential investor will not even be aware that jobRely is in the picture. We take rigorous measures to protect your credentials, and our platform filters only those messages that come from the contacts in the campaign. You will be able to approve the copy of the final messaging campaign before we reach out to the candidate, prospect or potential investor, and we will make sure that we don’t exceed LinkedIn’s daily activity limits. Yes, it’s safe. Not a single client has ever had a problem.

How is jobRely better than other similar tools/services?

We are not just another LinkedIn and email automation tool (even though we have developed the most advanced platform for that). Before we launch a campaign, we conduct a rigorous sourcing exercise to identify the best candidates, investors and prospects. It’s much more than just running a query on LinkedIn or Crunchbase — we check each profile manually and present only those that are the best fit. That’s why 80% of our candidates, investors or prospects are approved by our clients for outreach using our custom-built mobile app.

Do you work on a success basis?

No. We work on a per-project basis with no monthly fees. Check out more information on our Pricing page. We do the technical work of sourcing and outreach, but it’s up to you to close, sell and hire. However, 95% of our clients have successfully hired from the 10 interviews that we arranged when looking for an employee, 60% of our clients have successfully found an angel investor from the five interviews when looking for an investor and 100% of our clients landed new clients in our B2B lead generation campaigns.

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