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Forget manual sourcing and outreach - let AI find your next hire.

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The Outbound Recruiter’s Manual

How to hire Software Engineers, Product Owners and other hard-to-fill roles

jobRely AI Makes Outbound Recruitment Easy

Build a list of qualified candidates for precise targeting

Build a list of qualified candidates

Sourcing the right talents is (still) a human job. We provide the best tools to make it as fast as possible. If you are too busy to do it yourself, our AI will gladly do it for you.

  • AI Talent Sourcer
  • Qualified Candidates

Talk to more potential candidates

Forget manual outreach and copy-pasting messages to each candidate. Instead, use jobRely AI and reach out to 100 candidates a day on autopilot.

  • Personalization at Scale
  • Automatic Follow-ups
  • Multiple LinkedIn Accounts
  • Message Templates
  • Pitching to Interested Candidates
  • Data Safety & Privacy

Reach out to more candidates and get a better response rate

Forget spreadsheets and track all your work on jobRely

Forget spreadsheets and track all your work on jobRely

Tracking your candidate pipeline, follow-ups and progress is often done in spreadsheets which tend to get messy. It’s all neatly organized on jobRely.

  • Reports and KPIs
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Project Kanban
  • Candidate Assessments
"I got a 60% response rate from 44 profiles and found 4 strong candidates in just two weeks using jobRely automation platform. This is like a 30k saving on an executive search firm!"
Antanas Baksys, CEO @SearchNode

Re-engage candidates who have not responded or asked to get back later

Your outreach doesn’t end with the first campaign. You can easily filter non-responders or flagged candidates and reach out to them later or from a different LinkedIn profile.

  • Re-engage Non-Responders
  • Re-engage Flagged Candidates

Re-engage candidates who have not responded or asked to get back later

jobRely is built for your entire team

jobRely is built for your entire team

Collaborate with hiring managers and other team members.

  • Team Administration
  • Collaborative Sourcing
  • Feedback on Candidates
  • Insights from Candidate Responses
  • Reports and KPIs

All-in-one platform for outbound recruitment

On-Demand Sourcing

No time for sourcing? Just fill-in the Project Brief and get candidates for your position tomorrow.

Don't have in-house recruiters? Go for a Gold plan.

Sourcing, Outreach, and Interview scheduling managed from A to Z by jobRely AI.
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What customers say about us

"We hired 2 .NET Engineers during the free trial period. It definitely works!"
Gintare Zemaityte, Talent Partner @Nortal
"I found jobRely to be a great addition to my headhunting toolbox, combining simple yet powerful combination of a well-structured sourcing funnel, facilitated reach out approach plus personal touch with each candidate - an outbound channel on steroids!"
Oleg Murasko, VP of Engineering @Trafi
"With jobRely we successfully filled Mission Control Software Engineer position, and as a bonus, we hired Embedded Software Engineer from the same candidate pipeline too. jobRely definitely exceeded our expectations! Since we are the only such producer in the market, finding talents locally is a challenge."
Julija Narkyte, Talent Acquisition Partner @NanoAvionics


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