Recruitment Process by JobRely

Recruitment Process by JobRely

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Engaging passive candidates

Attracting passive candidates requires to perform candidate market researches & long list most potential candidates. Due to AI powered communication solution, candidates engagement, pre-screening, interviews arrangement & follow up can be automated. Therefore, Hiring Managers and Recruiters can save up to 80% of their time per a job opening.

Pre-selecting active applicants

Posting attractive job ad is enough to get active candidates interested. Our unique solution increases candidate engagement and experience as there is no need to send CV. Automating pre-screening, arranging interviews & following up enables Hiring Managers and Recruiters to spend 0 time for all these tedious tasks.

Potential Candidates Tracking SaaS

This allows not only to track recruitment projects but more importantly serves our Clients with constantly updated candidate data (possibility to integrate with clients’ databases).

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