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Your on-demand Talent Acquisition team powered by LinkedIn automation platform. Get more interviews faster while saving money.

What we do


Our Talent Acquisition team scours LinkedIn and jobRely Talent Pool for qualified candidates. Get a long list of handpicked candidates.
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While Sourcing is ongoing, our team prepares catchy messages and follow-ups to be delivered by jobRely bots. Reach out to 100 candidates every day.
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Interview Scheduling

Once candidates respond to Outreach, our Talent Acquisition team continues to engage them. Get interviews booked straight in your calendar.
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“jobRely is a modern alternative to a recruitment agency. With our technology and in-house Talent Acquisition team, you get more candidates to interview faster, having 100% transparency during the process. And why not save money, too?”
Indre Kaikare, Founder & CEO @jobRely

Here’s how it works

Tell us what you look for

Tell us who you look for

You probably have a lot to say about your ideal candidate, but in the beginning, it all boils down to three things - location, experience, and skills. Fill in our simple Project Brief form and we'll start right away.

  • Location
  • Skills
  • Experience

jobRely sources candidates

After receiving your Project Brief, we’ll assign a dedicated Talent Acquisition specialist. You’ll start receiving qualified candidates for your position in no time. Approve those you'd like to reach out to.

  • 50 handpicked candidates daily
  • High accuracy
  • jobRely Talent Pool

jobRely sources candidates

jobRely prepares the campaign

jobRely prepares the campaign

Once a sufficient number of profiles are approved, your dedicated Talent Acquisition specialist will create message drafts and follow-ups. Connect the best converting LinkedIn account from your organization and the campaign is ready to go.

  • Unique messages
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Play icon
    Campaign launch
“Headhunting on LinkedIn used to be hard work. Not anymore - jobRely platform automates outreach and improves the response rate 3x. This is why we deliver more interviews faster, and more cost-efficiently than any recruitment agency.“
Vytas Kaikaris, Co-Founder & COO @jobRely

jobRely engages candidates

Once the campaign is launched, jobRely bots start engaging up to 100 candidates daily. Automated follow-ups increase a response rate by 3x. We’ll take care of incoming responses - just wait for the calendar invites.

  • 3x higher response rate
  • Up to 100 candidates daily
  • Role pitching

jobRely engages candidates

jobRely schedules interviews

jobRely schedules interviews

The pitch has worked, and now candidates want to talk. We’ll schedule interviews for you. We'll ensure it works for all sides - invite your colleagues if needed.

  • Screening questions
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Calendar invitations

That’s it! Just show up for the interviews

The final and almost the only task of yours is to attend the call and evaluate the candidate yourself because you know best who you need on your team. Keep your work organized by using the Kanban board to track the progress of your interviews.

That’s it! Just show up for the interviews

How jobRely is better than ordinary recruitment agency

Recruitment Agency

€5,000+ per hire

3 interviews

Hire in months

No Process Transparency

jobRely logo

€1,800 per position

We will reach out to 200 approved candidates for your open position and schedule interviews with those who got interested. Hire one, hire multiple, or hire later from the same pipeline - there are no additional fees.

10 interviews

The exact number of interviews depends on many factors out of our control (like employer branding, role, etc.), but 10 is a fair target.

Hire in weeks

If you submit the Project Brief on Monday, you can expect the first interviews on Friday. Maximum duration of our projects is capped for 2 months.

Full Process Transparency

Every step we do is visible on jobRely platform and you are always in control. It's a totally different experience compared to a recruitment agency.

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Hire faster with jobRely without blowing your budget

Still not sure? Additional benefits you might like

Increase your network

Increase your network

A project with jobRely will expand your LinkedIn professional network. Leverage this in the future as you see fit.

Keep all the data

All data from the project is yours to mine in the future at no extra cost (for example, reaching out to candidates who said they might be interested later).

Keep all the data

Save even more

Save even more

Continue using jobRely platform, launch your own campaigns and collaborate with your team for only 149 EUR per month.

What customers say about us

"We hired 2 .NET Engineers during the free trial period. It definitely works!"
Gintare Zemaityte, Talent Partner @Nortal
"I got a 60% response rate from 44 profiles and found 4 strong candidates in just two weeks using jobRely automation platform. This is like a 30k saving on an executive search firm!"
Antanas Baksys, CEO @SearchNode
"With jobRely we successfully filled Mission Control Software Engineer position, and as a bonus, we hired Embedded Software Engineer from the same candidate pipeline too. jobRely definitely exceeded our expectations! Since we are the only such producer in the market, finding talents locally is a challenge."
Julija Narkyte, Talent Acquisition Partner @NanoAvionics


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